Private Coaching

At times you might require some extra time and space to discuss your personal parenting journey in more depth. Melissa offers individual and small group coaching, which affords you the privacy to discuss unique family needs and receive information tailored specifically to you and your children.

Using positive, practical, research based strategies, sessions are designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Initial 1.5 hour consultation $100
Coaching sessions $60 per hour 



Parent Effectiveness Training

Parenting experts and researchers of brain development confirm that one of the best ways to become an effective parent is to foster emotional connection and develop empathy with your child. With these skills you do not need to rely on yelling, nagging, threats or punishment. Instead, by learning effective communication strategies, including active listening and conflict resolution, you can learn how to influence rather than control your children.

Dr Thomas Gordon’s Parent Effectiveness Training is a program based on this philosophy and which explicitly teaches the skills necessary to develop connection and empathy. Using the P.E.T. skills you will have less fighting, fewer tantrums and become a more peaceful parent.

Benefits of Parent Effectiveness Training

  • You'll feel calmer

  • You're kids will too!

  • Increased self confidence and assertiveness

  • Improved empathic listening skills

  • Greater emotional regulation (for both you and your children)

  • Increased self responsibility and independence in children

  • Learn practical age-appropriate strategies for dealing with every day situations and challenges

  • Discover alternatives to punishment and other punitive parenting strategies and how to use them

  • Learn how to avoid tantrums, losing your cool and power struggles.

  • Cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development in your children, shown to be the single biggest factor in determining overall success

Course structure

This in-depth, proven program is taught only by authorised instructors certified by Gordon Training International. Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) is a 24 hour course, which comprises of 8 x 3 hour sessions. Participants have the opportunity to learn, practice and discuss the P.E.T. skills and explore how these apply in their individual circumstances. The course is run term by term throughout the year. Both day and evening sessions are available and are finalized according to participant availability.


$495 per person (this includes the reference book ‘Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children', P.E.T. workbooks, a certificate of completion and email/phone support for the duration of the course). When attending as a couple, the cost for partners is $450. This discount applies retrospectively if a partner attends at a later date.

Free information sessions are offered before courses commence so that you can meet Melissa, ask questions and confirm that P.E.T. is the right fit for your individual family and ideals.

“We may not all agree on what makes a well-raised child, but most of us would have some general pictures in our head of how we would like our children to grow and develop. We want them to be happy and loving, hardworking and successful, healthy in body, mind and spirit. We hope that they become moral and law abiding and have caring and respectful relationships with family and friends.” 

Dr. William Glasser

One generation full of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation, and with that, the world.

Charles Raison

The Enjoy Parenting Program

based on Dr. William Glasser's Choice Theory

The Enjoy Parenting program covers the 4 key areas of relationships, behaviour, feelings and communication.


As these areas are so integrated, they are covered throughout the program, not necessarily one per week.

•     Relationships - Parenting is about relationships. Predominantly the one you and your child have. However, it also includes your relationship with yourself, your partner and the relationships between siblings and extended family members. The program promotes the skills we can use to meaningfully connect with others and build positive relationships.


•     Behaviour - We all behave. All behaviour is purposeful. If we learn to choose effective, responsible behaviours and control our actions and thoughts in ways that satisfy our needs without depriving another of the chance to satisfy theirs, then we will usually be happy, healthy and in effective control of our lives. I hope to provide a better understanding of behaviour, including the link between the brain and behaviour, what behaviour to expect at various ages/stages of development and tips for helping children to behave well.


•     Feelings - There is a direct connection between how we feel and how we behave. When children feel right, they behave right. So how do we help them to feel right? I discuss the relationship between feelings and behaviour, the importance of acknowledging children’s feelings and expressing your own feelings clearly and assertively. 


•     Communication - Your choice of words and your style of communication impact the self-esteem, emotional health and personal empowerment of your child. We discuss some of the language we can use to promote positive interactions, as well as some of the communication roadblocks we can avoid. The program provides techniques for developing clear, respectful communication with your children.


In addition, Enjoy Parenting offers a range of specific skills and strategies throughout the four weeks. Some of the topics covered are:


  • Encouraging responsibility and autonomy

  • Engaging cooperation

  • Alternatives to punishment

  • Alternatives to praise and rewards

  • Acknowledging children’s feelings

  • Communication (positive communication and common roadblocks in communication)

  • Being assertive as a parent

  • Addressing problems with your children and their behaviour

  • Resolving conflict respectfully

Topic Workshops

For busy parents and teachers (and which parents and teachers are not busy?), Enjoy Parenting offers a range of
Topic workshops (1-2hrs), which include:-

Emotional Intelligence
(What it is. Why we need it. How we get it.)


Growth Mindset
(What it is. Why we need it. How we get it.)


Self-care for Teachers & Parents
(because you matter too!)


Effective Communication
(An introduction)

Workshops can also be tailored to suit your
individual parenting group's needs.

If you want to help your child grow into a person who's able to live meaningfully and find success throughout his life, there's virtually nothing more important than helping integrate his brain.


Dr Daniel Siegel & Dr Tina Payne Bryson

The Yes Brain Child