Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art gives us expression when we have no words.

​Art provides meaning. 

Art can tell our story.

Art heals.

In Art Therapy the focus is on the process of creating rather than producing a specific end product. The purpose is for self expression, communication and to bring a greater sense of emotional well being.

Images take me apart;

images put me back together again, new, enlarged, with breathing room."


                 Pat B. Allen

Art Therapy Groups

Create images and objects that are meaningful to you as the creator. Enjoy therapeutic art making in a fun and friendly group atmosphere.  You can work alone or share with others as you engage, explore, discover and reflect with the guidance of an experienced Art Therapist. 

Individual Art Therapy 

At times you may appreciate some extra time and space to explore your personal journey in more depth. Sometimes you may only have the emotions, not the words, which is why we offer individual art therapy to take you from where you are to where you want to be.


Initial 1.5 hour consultation $190
Coaching sessions $150 per hour 

Art making in a therapeutic setting, can be beneficial for people of all ages in resolving conflicts and gaining greater clarity.

Art Therapy for Parents

Sometimes when we become parents we are drawn to examine our own experiences of childhood and growing up. Strong emotions that we didn't necessarily expect to arise, do. And sometimes we find we find benefit in exploring ourselves and our own needs so that we can become more fully available for our children. 

By offering an alternative to words, Art Therapy provides an opportunity for self-expression, communication and healing through visually oriented methods.

Individual and Group sessions available.

Art Therapy with Children


Children often respond well to art therapy as it is non-threatening and offers an alternative to talking. Art Therapy may help children to express their feelings and communicate their experiences more clearly.