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Happier parents lead to happier children.

Welcome to Enjoy Kids & Parenting


I am passionate about children and parenting! In fact, it was from my personal desire to parent well that Enjoy Kids & Enjoy Parenting were born.


Despite having had a long career working with children, when I became a mum, I found myself struggling! This propelled me to keep learning and growing with the clear aim of finding the most effective ways to parent, whilst remaining respectful and kind to both my children and myself.

What has evolved is a special interest in empowering children, adolescents and their parents/carers to build strong, connected family relationships, using both visual and verbal methods to develop self-awareness, insight and effective communication.

Explore a range of topical and informed articles related to children, parenting, art therapy, communication and emotions.
How Can I help?


Enjoy Parenting & Kids offers a variety of programs and services to support you and your children.


Enjoy Parenting focusses on supporting parents to feel more confident, trust themselves more, build positive, connected relationships with their children, and enjoy the very special role of parenting.


I offer in-person and online parenting programs and provide individual counselling or art therapy for parents to explore and gain greater understanding of their needs, the needs of their children and help them to develop quality relationships.

Enjoy Kids focuses on the needs of children; to be heard, to express themselves, to deal with strong emotions, anxiety, trauma or learning difficulties that may be impacting their quality of relationships and experiences.


I offer specialised art therapy and counselling for children.


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