Happier parents lead to happier children.

Welcome to Enjoy Parenting


I am passionate about children and parenting! In fact, it was from my personal desire to parent well that Enjoy Parenting was born.


When I became a mum I knew what I didn't want to do. No smacking, no threatening, no punishing. Yet, despite having had a long career working with children, I struggled to find appropriate alternatives that were both respectful and kind to my children, as well as to myself as a parent.

Psychologists, parenting experts and researchers of brain development all confirm that one of the best ways to become an effective parent is to foster emotional connection and empathise with your child. With effective communication, listening and problem solving you can positively influence rather than control your children. 

How Can I help?


Enjoy Parenting has a variety of courses, workshops and coaching options available to help you feel more confident as a parent, become more connected with your child and enjoy the very special role of parenting.

Enjoy Parenting also offers Art Therapy because sometimes when we become parents, we are drawn to examine our own experiences of family and growing up in order to become more fully available for our children. And sometimes art making is simply fun!